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functions & features

Cad Compatibility
Simple To Use

Alu-Draft has State of the Art Simple Tools to Drag and Place various Blocks to Place in the Existing made Cad Drawing. Its a Pleasure to work on the Drawing as You can Play with various Permutations & Combinations for the Same wall based on your Existing Inventory of Aluminium Shuttering Blocks in Site or in Godown.

Various items
Chief Executive Officer

Alu-Draft has Separate commands for Drafting Columns,Beams,Slab & Walls. Each Option is Crafted skillfully considering Day To Day Problems faced by Engineer Doing Mivan type structures and Drafting thereto. Reworking of the same Drawing with various Options is the Success key of the Software. Major benefits is Upgrade of the Same Projects : Same Floors Redrawing is Finished in a Very Very Small Time. Its a Pleasure to work on it.

Manufacturer/ Contractor
Suitable for Both

Alu-Draft is suitable For Manufacturer of Aluminium panels as well as Contractors. We have Separate modules for them.Major Part is same but Additional Facility is Provided for People who do Machining on Vertical Machining Centres or CNC Machines.

On Drawing statement
Extensive Detailing

Alu_Draft is equipped with In The Cad Drawing Commands to Create Detailed Statement of All The Panel Accessories and Ingredients. When the Drawing is made : Side by side it AutoGenerates Statements Required for Daily Execution. Also You can Create Bill Of Materials as and When Required From Time To Time.

Export to 3d
Addon Module for 3d

Alu_Draft Cad Entities can be Easily Exported to 3d Modelling Software for Visuals. This Module is available Separately and is Under Beta Testing.

Cad Compatibility
Works inside Acad-with Existing Dwg

Alu-Draft does not Require Any Special Training. If you are an Existing Cad User : You just have to learn Some of our Commands which Run thru Menu's and Command prompts for MIvan Drafting. It hardly takes 2 to 3 Online Sessions to Start Actually Working on a Live Project.